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World Diabetes Day 2014

The World Diabetes Day 2014 campaign marks the first of a three-year (2014-16) focus on healthy living and diabetes. This year's activities and materials will specifically address the topic of healthy eating and its importance both in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the effective management of diabetes to avoid complications.

The latest estimates from the IDF Diabetes Atlas indicate that there are 382 million people living with diabetes worldwide. By 2035, 592 million people or one person in ten will have the disease. A further 316 million people are currently at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, with the number expected to increase to almost 500 million within a generation. What makes the pandemic particularly menacing is that throughout much of the world, it remains hidden. Up to half of all people with diabetes globally remain undiagnosed.

With a Topcon non-mydriatic fundus camera, optometrists, ophtalmologists can easily screen patients on diabetes.  The Topcon TRC-NW400 non-mydriatic fundus camera is very easy to operate by various professionals. With a touch of your fingertip the Topcon TRC-NW400 automatically detects the pupil, automatically focusses and automatically makes a true colour fundus photo. Images can be analysed on the spot or can be sent to screening centres. The TRC-NW400 is a perfect tool for diabetic screening.

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