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CC-90SW, LCD chart

Short description

Topcon CC-90SW is a flexible chart system, using your own PC and monitor, ranging from 19”. Read more>

Key Features

  • Wide range of Optotypes
  • White Maddox LED light source
  • Flexible set up
  • Usable with every consumer monitor
  • Flex control: remote controller, controlled through Topcon CV-5000PRO

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Topcon CC-90SW is a flexible chart system, consisting of hard- & software. You can use your own PC and TFT monitor, ranging from 19". This flexible chart system is compatible with all-in-one PC's and can be attached to your own screen.

The CC-90SW performs the most commonly used visual acuity tests, like Letters, Landolt C, Tumbling E, Numbers and Children charts. The White Maddox LED light supports the Maddox testing.

The CC-90SW is supplied with a remote controller. The CC-90SW can be operated through the Topcon CV-5000PRO automated phoropter as well. The CV-5000PRO supports all the functions in the CC-90SW.

An easy calibration kit assures the correct projection of the visual acuity test.