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CT-800A, Non-contact computerized tonometer

Short description

Topcon has significant experience in designing and producing high quality
tonometers. For greater customer continence, we introduce the CT-800A with 3D auto alignment function. Read more>

Key Features

  • 3D Auto alignment function allows quicker and easier measurement
  • Smooth operation
  • 8.5 inch wide touch screen control panel
  • Soft air puff causes less stress
  • Higher measurement success rate for eyes with IOL
  • Compensated IOP values with central corneal thickness values
  • Compact design
  • Easy set-up with LAN network

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Ocular pressure measurement 1 to 60 mmHg (1 mm Hg step)
Measuring range average indication 1mmHg / 0.1mmHg steps changeable
Measuring mode 1-30 mmHg / 1-60 mmHg
Monitor 8.5” WVGA color LCD monitor, touch panel
Data transport terminal USB (Import), RS232C (Export), LAN (Export)
Dimensions 317 - 341mm(W) x 521 - 538mm(D) x 437 - 467mm(H)
Weight 17 kg
Power supply 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 30-40VA


Topcon has significant experience in designing and producing high quality kerato refractometer and tonometer. For greater customer continence, we introduce the CT-800A with 3D auto alignment function.
CT-800A offers enhanced efficiency and easier operation to improve day to day examination work flow in practice. The Topcon CT-800A, non-contact computerized tonometer, enables intraocular pressure measurement easier than ever before. The clear 8,5 inch touch screen ensures control of all functions just by the touch of a fingertip. The soft air-puff ensures accurate measurement results which can be printed through the drop-in printer at the front or exported through a LAN connection. The air intake system results in less maintenance and guarantees the accuracy. The CT-800A, non contact tonometer calculates adjusted intra-ocular pressure based on pachymetry values manually. The compact footprint and design of Topcon's CT-800A saves space and adds functionality to the contemporary eye care practice.