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SL-3G, Slit lamp

Short description

The SL-3G slit lampis a versatile classic slit lamp manufactured according Topcon standards. Read more>

Key Features

  • Bright, even illumination and optimum colour rendition with powerful halogen bulb
  • Slit beam inclination up to 20 degrees for added versatility
  • Continuous adjustment of slit aperture
  • Four built-in filters: cobalt blue, red-free, 13% neutral density and heat absorbing
  • Available with a variety of optional accessories

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The SL-3G slitlamp is a classic and economical model, manufactured under Topcon quality standards. The SL-3G is a stereoscopic converging biomicroscope with excellent optics, which produce a sharp and clear view. Four built-in filters facilitate a wide range of examinations.

The SL-3G slit lamp is compatible with most brands for ophthalmic lasers.