Pre - & post operative diagnostics

  • ALADDIN, Biometer

    ALADDIN, Biometer

    ALADDIN: unique optical biometry & topography system. ALADDIN supports the Surgeon not only in IOL power calculation but also in his choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye.
  • KR-1W, Wavefront analyser

    KR-1W, Wavefront analyser

    The KR-1W is the only wavefront & topography system to offer both refractive and diagnostic functionalities. It can be used for wavefront aberration, corneal topography, pupillometry, keratometry a...
  • KR-800S, Subjective kerato-refractometer

    KR-800S, Subjective kerato-refractometer

    The KR-800S is unique because it features not only objective auto-refraction and keratometry, but the instrument enables subjective far and near testing to obtain VA values as well as 3 additional ...
  • SP-1P, Specular microscope

    SP-1P, Specular microscope

    The Topcon specular microscope, SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features.