Topcon Healthcare is proud to sponsor eyeRISE 2021, a multi-disciplinary, virtual congress showcasing the latest innovations in eye care. Three solutions-focused tracks will deliver clinical and practical education through symposia, roundtable discussions and interactive workshops.

eyeRISE : 9th - 11th February 2021

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Building Clinical Confidence
Retinal Research & Innovations 
Glaucoma Diagnosis & Management, Clinical Case Studies 
Optimizing Image Quality: Introducing the Clinical Advantages of PixelSmart

Entering New Markets: Myopia & Dry Eye
Myopia Management - Putting Theory into Practice
Why Cataract Surgeons Cannot Afford to Overlook Dry Eye 
How to Drive Revenue by Incorporating Myopia Management and Dry Eye to Your Clinic

Too Many Patients, Not Enough Time 
Future of Medicine: Ocular Telehealth & Mobile Screening 
Innovations in Refraction – Chronos
Remote Diagnostics (RDx), Live!

Luis Arias, MD, PhD (Spain)
Christophe Baudouin, MD, PhD (France)
Timothy Bossie, OD (USA)
Michael Chaglasian, OD (USA)
Gemmy Cheung, MD (Singapore)
Netan Choudhry, MD (Canada)
Gary Y. Chu, OD (USA)
Jennifer Craig, OD, PhD (New Zealand)
Edward Farrant, OD (UK)
Sarah Farrant, OD (UK)
Murray Fingeret, OD (USA)
Ian Flitcroft, MD (Ireland)
Gary Gerber, OD (USA)
Jay Haynie, OD (USA)
Mingguang He, MD, PhD (Australia + China)
Donald C. Hood, PhD (USA)
Pearse Keane, MD (UK)
Aaron Lee, MD (USA)
Maria Liu, MD, OD, PhD (USA + China)
Jose Mendoza, MD (Peru)
Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, MD, PhD (Japan)
Ryan Ngo, OD (USA)
Vasilios Papastefanou, MD, PhD (UK + Greece)
David Pelayes, MD, PhD (Argentina)
Howard Purcell, OD (USA)
Jose Maria Ruiz Moreno, MD, PhD (Spain)
Nicholas Rumney, OD (UK)
Sunil Shah, MD (UK)
Jacqueline Sousa, MD (Brazil + Germany)
Richard F. Spaide, MD (USA)
Gavin Tan, MD (Singapore)
Christopher P. Taylor, PhD (USA)
Ravilla Thulasiraj, MBA (India)
Daniel Ting, MD, PhD (Singapore)
Angus Turner, MD (Australia)
Jay Wisnicki, MD (USA)
And More...


09-02-2021 - 11-02-2021