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Diabetic Screening Approval for Topcon’s latest Retinal Camera

Approved TRC-NW400

Topcon today announced that their latest Retinal Camera the Topcon TRC-NW400, has just been approved by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (NDESP). The NDESP recommends that all programmes intending to purchase cameras for use in diabetic eye screening should select cameras from the framework agreement as this ensures they obtain the most suitable equipment and the correct maintenance contract. For full list of cameras visit

In addition to the NDESP approval, the Topcon TRC-NW400 is extremely intuitive and easy to use, it is smaller than any other non-mydriatic fundus camera out there today with superb image quality. Besides to the traditional nasal, central and temporal fixation targets the Topcon TRC-NW400 can obtain a complete peripheral view with the nine fixation targets. 

Furthermore, small pupil detection, high sensitivity and low flash intensity are all part of the array of available options within this instrument, making it simpler to produce excellent images and reduce any stress to patient during the scan.

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