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Abstracts & videos of ISSOCT 2017 are online now

View recorded conference videos online, of the  1st International Swept Source OCT Conference in Madrid

Keynote: James Fujimoto on OCT-A and Doppler techniques using ultrahigh speed SS-OCT

Session 1: Introduction to Swept Source and OCT-A
keynote: Richard Spaide
Video lectures by Michael Larsen,  Carl Glittenberg,  Srinivas Sadda,  Charles Reisman

Sesion 3: Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinal Vascular Disease
Videos lectures by Nadia Waheed,  Akitoshi Yoshida,  Nihal A. Hassan,  Maria Gil Martinez,  Angelo M. Minella

Session 4: Choriodal Neovascularisation in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy - round table
Case presentations by Magdy Moussa, Massimo Nicolo, Jorge Ruiz Medrano

Session 5: Choroidal Imaging and Tumors
Video lectures by Jose Maria Ruiz Moreno,  Peter Maloca,  Carl Glittenberg,  Gerasimos Anastassiou,  Alexandre Sellam,  Rosa Gutierrez Bonet,  Jorge Ruiz Medrano

Session 6:  Rapid Fire I
Video lectures by Martin Stattin,  Abhijit Sinha Roy,  Ignacio Flores Moreno,  Slawomir Teper,  Helena Haskaj

Session 7: Uveitis
Video lectures by Moncef Khairallah,  Alfredo Adan,  Maite Sainz de la Maza,  Olga Garcia Garcia

Session 8: Myopia
Video lectures by Jose Maria Ruiz Moreno,  Lee Shu Yen,  Kyoko Ohno Matsui,  Luis Arias Barquet

Session 9: Age Related Macular Degeneration
Video lectures by Gemmy Cheung,  Pearse Keane,  Florence Coscas,  Luis Arias Barquet,  A. Finzi,  Adam Wylegala

Session 10: Ohter Pathologies
Video lectures by Magdy Moussa,   Zofia Michalewska,  Martin Stattin,  Abhijit Sinha Roy,  John MIller,  Lucia de Pablo Gomez de Lanio

Session 11: Rapid Fire II
Video lectures by Maria Isabel Relimpio,  Daniela Bacherini,  Jay C. Wang,  Pedro Arriola Villalobos

Session 12: Optic Nerve & Glaucoma
Video lectures by Michael Larsen,  Gema Rebolleda

Session 13: Cortical Vitreous and Vitreoretinal interface
Video lectures by Zofia Michalewska,  Netan Choudhry,  Beng Beng Ong,  Michael Engelbert

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