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ALADDIN incorporates the latest Barrett formulae

With the combination of an optical biometer and full corneal topographer, Topcon pioneered the concept of “the complete picture” in IOL power calculation. Now the complete picture has been enhanced with the addition of the Barrett Universal formula to improve your premium IOL choice decision.

The Universal II formula developed by Dr Barrett, is a method of predicting IOL power based on Gaussian optics and utilizes this information to calculate the effect of the cylinder power at the cornea. The ALADDIN’s Barrett Formula Suite includes the Barrett Rx, the Barrett Toric Calculator Formula, the Barrett True K and the Barrett Universal II formulae.

The Barrett formula uses several variables (keratometry, axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness and horizontal white-to-white measurement) to obtain accurate calculation of IOL power.

With the incorporation of the latest in IOL calculation formulae, the ALADDIN remains at the forefront of IOL calculation technology.

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