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IS-1D, Instrument stand

Short description

IS-1D, Instrument stand
The IS-1D is a unit with a rotatable table top for 3 instruments. The IS-1D Delta unit offers a wide array of variations. Read more>

Key Features

  • Supports 3 instruments
  • Available in fashionable colours and wood finishing
  • Unique touch screen control panel
  • Integrated electrobrake & curtain control
  • Electronic forward / backward chair movement
  • Fully automated electronic linear phoropter arm


The IS-1D is similar to the IS-1 but offers the unique possibility of three instruments on a rotating table top. The IS-1D comes as standard with two electro-brakes controlled by a footswitch. Similar to IS-1 the tabletop can be elevated.

There is a nearly unlimited combination of colours and configurations. A wide range of accessories will suit all needs for a modern working station. All units from this range can be prepared for wheel chairs. The Topcon IS-1D is operated by touch screen panel. The IS-1D has standard an electrobrake to position the table top and the IS-1D has standard the so called curtain control to influence the conditions in the examination room.
The IS-1D Delta unit is available in right or left set up and it can be upgraded with a wide range of options such s drawers, trial lens drawers, desks, phoropter arms etc. The IS-1D can be equipped with a fully reclinable chair or a chair with a fixed back.