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IS-1P, Instrument stand

Short description

IS-1P, Instrument stand
The IS-1P is an ophthalmic unit with a linear sliding table top for 2 instruments Read more>

Key Features

  • Designed by Topcon for Topcon
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Synchronized elevation of phoropter arm with tabletop
  • Powered elevation of table top
  • Automated linear phoropter arm VT-1L
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Wide array of colours & options

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The Topcon IS-1P Parallel unit is Topcon’s own development and production, and is the top of the range of ophthalmic units that Topcon has to offer. The new IS-1P distinguishes itself through quality, design, configuration variety and colour options, and therefore the high class solution for your modern practice environment.

Ophthalmology needs differ, and with this in mind Topcon have developed the new IS-1P parallel unit. This unit is supplied with a powered linear sliding tabletop to accommodate two instruments. The VT-1L linear automated phoropter arm is synchronised with the elevation movement of the table top. The optional monitor support allows installation of a TFT monitor for user convenience. The Topcon IS-1P can also be supplied with an optional large desk to meets the requirements of a busy ophthalmic practice.

Touch screen control panel
The IS-1 series touch screen is a satellite panel which can be placed on any flat surface of your choice. It controls various functions.

The safety-stop guarantees patients safety when operating the elevation of tabletop or chair. TheTopcon  IS-1P is supplied with a extra safety stop for the linear movement of the tabletop.

Cable management|
The cable management system keeps the IS-1P design smooth and contemporary. All cables of instruments installed can invisibly be guided through the table top cable management system.

Chinrest support
The IS-1 and IS-1P tabletop is equipped with a table top fixed chinrest support, but can be changed with an optional sliding chinrest support, in case you want to operate two instruments with the same chinrest.

VT-1L Powered linear phoropter arm
The VT-1L is a linear phoropter arm which is specially designed to accommodate the CV-5000 computerized phoropter. The cable management kit provides a clean installation. The automatic movement of the VT-1L is controlled by using the touch screen control panel.

Up/down movement
For VT-1L an electrical up/down movement is available which can be controlled by the touch screen control panel . This up/down movement can be synchronised with the tabletop elevation.