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TRC-NW8, Non-mydriatic fundus camera

Short description

TRC-NW8, Non-mydriatic fundus camera
The TRC-NW8 is capable of non-mydriatic colour, red free and fluorescein angiography. Read more>

Key Features

  • Colour & red free
  • 30° and 45° angle available
  • Wide 85° angle of coverage with internal fixation
  • Auto-focus & auto-shoot
  • Panoramic overview with optional mosaic module
  • Small pupil capability down to 3.3mm
  • Anterior support
  • Stereo photography

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Angle of coverage 45º
Working range 40,7 mm
Pupil diameter for photography 4,0mm or more / 3,3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used
Type of photography Color photography and red-free photography
Patient diopter correction range Without correction lens: -13D to +12D (where split lines are used)
With minus correction lens: -12D to -33D
With plus correction lens: +9D to +40D
Auxiliary function for photography Auto focus function (Used only in the split line working range. This can be turned ON/OFF)
Internal Fixation Target Center/Periphery
Right/left eye automatic detection
Optional position presetting function
Base movement Back-forth: 46mm, Right-left: 100mm, Up-down: 30mm
Chinrest movement 67mm
Power source Frequency: 50/60Hz Voltage: AC110, 120, 230, 240V selectable
Weight 24,5kg
Dimensions 272mm(W) x 505mm(D) x 530mm(H)
Power consumptions 400VA(Maximum), 100VA(Normaal)


The Topcon TRC-NW8 is one of the most advanced cameras from our non-mydriatic camera range. It offers a truly versatile camera capable of non-mydriatic colour & red free angiography.

The TRC-NW8 non-mydriatic fundus camera comes with a Nikon D-700, 16 megapixel digital camera, enabling the user to zoom in on the finest detail. This particular camera offers a 45 degree angle which covers fovea and macula. Nine fixation targets enable to shoot nine images which can be collated using IMAGEnet i-base to enable a complete overview (IMAGEnet i-base auto-mosaic is needed for this function). Stereo photography and a real red free filter is a standard option on TRC-NW8.

Ease of use
TRC-NW8 is joystick operated with a minimum of buttons to push. The auto-shoot, auto-focus and auto-exposure ensure sharp, clear images with a lot of detail. In one movement the practitioner can switch between colour, red free images and fluorescein images.

Patient comfort
The low flash intensity offers the patient increased comfort, which enables the practitioner to shoot more images in less time. A minimum pupil size of 3.3mm is needed.

NHS compliant
The TRC-NW8 has been approved for the national programm of the NHS in the UK for screening of diabetic retinopathy.




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