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CT-800A, Non-contact computerized tonometer

Short description

CT-800A, Non-contact computerized tonometer
Topcon has significant experience in designing and producing high quality
tonometers. For greater customer continence, we introduce the CT-800A with 3D auto alignment function. Read more>

Key Features

  • 3D Auto alignment function allows quicker and easier measurement
  • 8.5 inch wide touchscreen control panel
  • Soft air puff causes less stress
  • Higher measurement success rate for eyes with IOL
  • Compensated IOP values with central corneal thickness values
  • Compact design

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Topcon has significant experience in designing and producing high quality kerato refractometer and tonometer. For greater customer experience, we introduce the CT-800A non contact computerized tonometer with 3D auto alignment function.
CT-800A offers enhanced efficiency and easier operation to improve day to day examination work flow in practice. The clear 8,5 inch touch screen ensures control of all functions just by the touch of a fingertip. The soft air-puff ensures accurate measurement results which can be printed through the drop-in printer at the front or exported through a LAN connection. The air intake system results in less maintenance and guarantees accurate results. The CT-800A, non contact tonometer calculates adjusted intra-ocular pressure based on pachymetry values manually. The compact footprint and design of Topcon's CT-800A saves space and adds functionality to the contemporary eye care practice.