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ACP-8EM, Chart projector

Short description

ACP-8EM, Chart projector
The ACP-8EM chart projector features 30 charts including ETDRS, the fastest chart rotation on the market, and fully programmable chart selections. Read more>

Key Features

  • 30 built in charts
  • Available in 4 different chart types
  • Easy distance calibration
  • Compatible with Topcon CV-5000 phoropter

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The Topcon ACP-8EM Chart Projectors provide sharp image and image projection with a fast chart disk rotation.

The ACP-8EM chart projector features 30 charts (including ETDRS), with fastest chart rotation on the market including high quality display screen. The enlarged projection size of 330x270 leaves a clear and wide view. The Topcon ACP-8EM Chart Projector shows five optotypes per line, and the possibility to mask visual acuity lines or a single optotype.