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LENTIS Mplus toric

Short description

LENTIS Mplus toric
Simply the best all in one lens. Read more>

Key Features

  • Excellent near and far vision
  • No image jumps as well as minimal to no halos and/or glare-effects
  • Minimum loss of light and pupil independence
  • True +3 dpt addition
  • Fast adaption time
  • Individual astigmatic correction
  • Optimized image quality
  • Natural contrast and colour visual acuity
  • Aberration neutral for increased depth of focus
  • Very high rotational stability

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Type One-piece multifocal - toric acrylic IOL
Optic Size 6.0 mm
Overall Lenght 11.0 mm
Haptic Angulation
Optic Design Biconvex | Aspherical and toric surface - posterior, sectorshaped nearvision segment anterior: +3.0D
Central Thickness 1.08 mm (+22.0D / cylinder +3.0D)
Design Optic and haptics with square edges, posterior 360˚ continuous barrier effect
Material HydroSmart® - a copolymer, consisting of acrylates with hydrophobic surface, UV absorbing. NEW: Additionally available with violet light filter (LU-313 MF30TY)
Available Diopters sph. 30.0D to +36.0D (0.01D)
cyl. +0.25D to +12.0D (0.01D)
(sph. + cyl. < 40.0D)
optic axis (1˚-scaling)
Refractive Index 1.46
Est. A-Factor [acoustic] 118.0
Est. A-Factor [optical] 118.1 (SRK/T)
Anterior Chamber Depth 4.97 mm
Recom. Incision Size 2.6 mm
Recommended Injector [reusable] Injector:
Viscoject-1-hand: LI604205
Viscoject-2-hand: LI604215
Viscoject BIO 2.2 Cartridge-Set: LP604240C
Recommended Injector-Sets [disposable] Viscoject BIO 2.2 Injector-Set: LP604340C


The best combination of two high-tech technologies: the new multifocal toric intraocular lens the LENTIS Mplus toric combines the innovative presbyopia correction of the patented LENTIS Mplus IOL with the finest astigmatism correction provided by the LENTIS Tplus technology in one single intraocular lens.

The result: Optimized vision for your patients.

For calculation of toric IOL's see

See for more and actual information: LENTIS Mplus toric