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CC-100, LCD chart

Short description

CC-100, LCD chart
The CC-100 is a 22" LED LCD system that offers a wide range of charts. Read more>

Key Features

  • High quality 22'' LED LCD
  • Wide range of optotypes
  • Virtually unlimited test charts
  • Randomization of VA charts
  • Special frequency contrast sensitivity test
  • Pseudoisochromatic plate color vision test according to Hardy Rand Rittler
  • White Maddox LED light source
  • MKH test sequence according to Haase
  • Compatible with CV-5000 system

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Testing distance 2.9 – 6.1 m, adjustable in steps of 20 cm
Viewing area W x D (mm) 476 x 268
Visual acuity range / steps Decimal: 0.05 to 2.0
LogMar: 1.3 to – 0.30
Snellen (m): 120 to 3
Snellen (f): 400 to 10
Monoyer: 0.5 to 2.0
Standard tests Letters
Children symbols
Tumbling E
Landolt C
Schober test
Worth test
Monocular R/G
Task charts
Clock fan
Astigmatism dots
Colour test
Binocular tests (image separation) Separation through RED - GREEN
Duochrome balance test
Cross with fixation
VA Balance test
Fixation disparity test
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 560 x 360 x 60
Weight (kg) 6,5 kg
Main voltage AC 110 - 240 V; 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 160 VA
Accessories Wall mount
Remote controller


The Topcon CC-100 chart system is a versatile solution to present charts to patients. The CC-100 provides image separation through red and green. The high resolution 22" LED LCD monitor ensures clear and bright chart display. All common known visual acuity tests are available, including ETDRS.

The design of theTopcon CC-100 chart system fits seamlessly to the other Topcon refraction products. The CC-100 can be operated by Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter, or by a remote controller, or by PC driven virtual remote control.