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OMS-800 Standard, Operation microscope

Short description

OMS-800 Standard, Operation microscope
The OMS-800 Standard is a basic microscope for cataract & vitreous surgeries. Read more>

Key Features

  • Stain proof coated objective lens
  • 3-directional illumination (+/-2 & 4 degrees)
  • Yellow filter for protection against phototoxity
  • XY-translator
  • Multifunction footswitch

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The Topcon OMS-800 Standard can be used for vitreous and cataract surgery.

The OMS-800 Standard has a variable angle binocular tube and an X-Y translator incorporated. A compact and stable footprint combined with a long microscope arm ensures a flexible set up in the operation theatre. The multifunctional footswitch can be customized for the Doctor's preference. A yellow filter and 3-directional illumination (±2 0& 40) ensure a versatile illumination system.